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hey babes,

I'm Lucy

An ex- wanderer and reformed Priestess in the City.

After years of hitch-hiking on the road, around the Americas, I knew it was time to return home. You see, thats the real buggery about Astrology, It shows you your Soul Path.


My Soul has spent lifetimes wandering, seeking higher wisdom, and dancing her ass off in temples. 

At 19, I left to Brazil and for 5 years committed to that Old Soul way of being again. I wandered, and prayed in deserts and jungles and hot murmuring cities. I danced and called myself Venus and walked barefoot around jungles fires, scouting out Gurus n Shamans who could heal my woes. 

Was it Glamorous? Yes.  Iconic? Yes. Did it work? Not fully. 

No my angels. It did not. Alas, the truth that I was so desperately

seeking was in fact in the work I was avoiding; coming back to London, taking root & being seen. Ick.

(P.S thats how you know its Karmic AF, the Ick.)  


My work with Astrology, Love and Attachment Style exploration, Tantra, High Priestess studies, Past Life Journeying and the Tarot have  helped me enormously. They have helped me to see my Soul, and what my Soul needs to grow. And, it was through committing to that discomfort, I was brought into alignment. 

I am based in East London with my Pisces Man. I spend a lot of time studying, chatting and telling all the signs in the zodiac what bad bitches they are. When I'm not working I love to make the most of City Life; you'll mostly see me with coffee in hand (there were no oat lattes in my past life temple y'no), charity shoppin, naked sunbathing, binge watching dating shows and drinking a glass of malbec with my girls.    

All my love, angels. I so look forward to connecting with you.

Lucy xo
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