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astrological blueprint consultation


Each individual in the world has their own unique Astrological Blueprint. This is so much more than your 'Star Sign' this is the entire Solar System within you.


Your Blueprint is your superpower, it's a map of your souls gifts, purpose, desires & challenges

Using my very own Soul Program Theory © 

these sessions help you to unlock your true souls power, past life gifts, stuck patterns and authentic destiny.

Your Astrological Blueprint doesn't change, it's your roadmap for this life. Understanding it, unlocks your highest potential and radically catapults you into your evolutionary journey. 

In these 70 minute sessions expect illumination & clarification on your souls unique purpose; gifts, love language, past lives, karma & destiny. Each session ends with a 10 minute round up of your Astrological Year Ahead, looking at the best areas for you to shine.

Sessions are held live over zoom and additionally recorded so you can keep the reading forever to revisit. 

no birth-time,

no booty! 

relationship consultation 



In these 1.5hr Relationship Consultations, I explore how you and your lover are compatible by comparing your two Astrological Blueprint Birth Charts. 

In these sessions I analyze both individuals charts and explore your unique Astrological Love Language/ Destiny; then use Astrology to explore how your Souls connect, and what kind of relationship you can expect going forward together.


Synastry is a type of Relationship Astrology that overlays two peoples charts and shows what kind of impact you are having on each others journey. These sessions are equally perfect for new curious lovers or long term relationships looking for resources.

Sessions also include a 'Composite' Chart reading, which is a birth chart for the relationship itself; this shows you the soul of your relationship and what it needs from you both.

top up 



For regular clients who have already explored their Birth Chart,

'top up sessions' are 30 minute deep dives to bring you illumination, clarity, reassurance or direction on your life when you need it.

Using either your astrological birth chart as our guide, or a mix of tarot and astrology if you'd prefer, we will jump right in and get you feeling as though you're on the right path.

Drop in for a 'top up' when you feeling disconnected from your authentic power, purpose or souls truth. 

I believe the birth chart contains all the answers.

Sessions are over zoom.

tarot reading


tarot readings are an amazing way to make the unconscious, conscious. working with the tarot as a tool for conscious decision making is empowering and illuminating.  

in these 30 minute sessions, book in a reading when you're feeling like you want some guidance, clarity and reassurance. 

coaching session


these 1hr coaching sessions are tailored to help you with whatever problem you're facing; whether thats a fear of being seen, a problem receiving, or a hard time claiming your power; lets go deep and see what's happening below the surface. Using a mix of conversation, visualization and journey; these sessions are a fire under your ass to start a new. 

held over zoom

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