All the juicy tools you'll ever need...

it's time for some Self Mastery bb!

Ever sat down to a meditation or ritual and been like 'ummmm what am I doing?' 

I got you.

Below is a living library of all the things you need to make your personal practices and self study poppin. 

From 'How To' Guides, to Meditation Journeys, to Astrology Masterclasses and Tarot Cheat Sheets!

SO, pour yourself a coffee and get your comfies on! 

All my love,

Lucy xo

So, it's the New Moon/ Full Moon, and you've read all the articles, watched all the videos, but you don't understand what it means for you... like personally! 

With this 13 page Guide, I break down the method for understanding which house in your birth chart the New Moon/ Full Moon will highlight each month.

With simple and memorable house explanations, real chart drawings, website reccomendations and a step by step method, this guide is a must have for astro fans!

This Cord Cutting Meditation is pure Fire.


Cord Cutting is the process of severing old, energetic cords which keep you connected to people, places and habits. It works just like a guided Meditation and is the best release practice hands down! 

Perfect for moving on from exes, confronting stuck energy and saying ciao ciao to everything that is not serving you!

P.S can be done as often as you like! xo