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re-learn the ancient art of astrological storytelling.

this six week astrology course is rooted in storytelling the birth chart. this how you find the 'why' beneath your souls patterns. using astrology as a tool to dissect personality is useful, but extremely limiting. personality focused astrology focuses on the 'what' but rarely on the 'why.' 


during this course we will be looking at:

why do you have these soul patterns?

what started them?

what's their purpose?

what have you come here to do with them? 

during this 6 week course we will practice narrating

your past lives, finding expression for old stubborn patterns of behavior & illuminating your souls subconscious desires; all through the ancient art of storytelling. 

throughout the duration of this course you will create a 'soul spiral' which is a visual documentation of your karmic patterns, subconscious desires and past life roles. creating this spiral helps you to notice repeating patterns, gifts and ultimate destination. 


course structure: 

week one; WTF is karma? learning storytelling & soul contracts

week two; better the devil you know. exploring the south node

week three; witch wound, self expression, cancel culture, contextualizing karma 

week four; where do we go from here? north node & destiny 

week five; pluto, polarity point & karmic mission

week six; karmic cooking, beat generation & storytelling 

course dates & times (subject to change)

- wednesday 17th may 7pm

- wednesday 24th may 5pm

- wednesday 31st may 12pm

- wednesday 7th june 7pm 

- wednesday 14th june 3pm

- monday 19th june 7pm

all sessions will take place live over zoom and recorded for participants who cannot make the live. 

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