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What is your relationship like to love?

Do lovers ignite you?


Trigger you?


Do you feel you must do everything yourself?


Can you sit back and receive?


In pure openness, pure trust, pure surrender.

In times gone by sisterhood was revered. Women would gather each month at the New Moon and bleed together. They would sit in caves and sing, dance and share their dreams. 


Our relationship to our hearts, our ability to love, was rooted in sisterhood. Women would dance under the full moon, in soft ritual to with the night.


We trusted our bodies, we trusted our hearts, we trusted spirit. 


We lived in sync with the natural world.


We knew our magic.


Now, to heal alone is one thing, but to heal in sisterhood is another. The healing is so profound. To witness each other face ourselves, and rise.


You see, in times gone by, In Ancient Tantric Initiations, we as women would learn to love and pleasure together; before creating union with men.


The Tantric tradition reveres heart opening. It is the ultimate goal. Open, soft, surrender.


You see, Only a clenched heart can break.


A soft heart, it ripples and sings. In trust.


In our modern world, we are deeply disconnected from our sisterhood, our initiation rites, our bodies, and our energy. I see so many women, who carry hurt from their past, and have barriers up around life. 


Now, working with my clients, I have seen a lot of wounding. Women who feel they have to keep it all together, do it themselves, not receive.


They hold on.


And I ask them ‘Queen, what would happen if you let go?’


You see, we have a choice. 

What would it feel like to live with an open heart? To let all of the wounding go? To rise wild as a woman, deeply connected to her wild nature? To own yourself, fully. 

To vibrate with pleasure, power, intuition and wisdom

This is to live from the High Heart.

This is the Age of Aquarius. This is the Matriarchy Rising.


To be your whole self, unapologetically. To see women as sisters, and not threats. It is time for you to crack your heart open. And live as love. Vibrate as love with every cell in your being.


I’m offering this course because sister, in my life i’ve needed it.


I’ve had to learn how to love.


It did not come naturally.


I was closed and terrified of being hurt.


I did not trust my body, I did not trust spirit.


Journey of the High Heart is a 3 week intimate, intensive container. We will focus on Astrological Symbolism, Tantric Practice, Embodiment & Dance, Past Life Work, High Priestess Journeying & Shadow Work Journalling. 


This course is specifically created for Women who want to rise. Into their true, intuitive, wild, embodied, pleasured power, through the portal of their birth charts.


This intimate 3 Week container is split up into 3 parts. Before our opening call I will analyze your birth chart and put together a 1 page musing on your greatest gifts, potentials, wounds, past lifes and ancestral narrative. You will have this along with your Birth Chart for the first session.


Week 1, Purge. Exploring Pluto’s archetype, Shadow work, Embodiment practice and releasing all that is not love, Journeying to the Root cause. Accountability practice. Making Sacred internal space. 


Week 2, Pleasure. Exploring the Moon and Venus, Kundalini, Breast Massage, Ancient Egyptian Sex Magic.


Week 3,  Purify. Exploring Neptune and Spirit, Charka Toning, Higher self past life Journey, Ho'oponopono, Love Pooja and Embodied dance. Celebration. 


Course Details: 

We start on Thursday 13th May at 7pm.

Each Thursday we meet over zoom for a live 2 hour lesson. Do not worry if you cannot make one, as all of the lessons will be recorded and sent to you afterwards. There will be a juicy Sisterhood WhatsApp group for connecting, sharing our process and daily resources (and maybe even a few channeled voice notes on there! yum!) 

You do not need any specific tools to join, only comfortable clothes you can move in. You will be emailed in advance for any tools you will need during a lesson.


I cannot wait to rise with you sister, It is well and truly time. 

Now, is the Age of The High Heart.


All my love, as always


Lucy xo   

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27 May, 19:00
3 week online immersion