Astrology Training

Do you love Astrology but struggle to really understand it? 

I've got just what you need babes!


Would you love to be able to read your Birth Chart and totally understand it? Or, how about your friends, family or lovers chart?!

Would you like to know how to interpret what's coming up for you? When to start new projects and when to let things go? 

Perhaps you're a practitioner and want to add the language of Astrology to your work? Or you're just keen to add another layer to your self work practice.


In these 4 week 1x1 Astrology Trainings with me, I will teach you all of my knowledge about how to interpret and understand Astrology. 

Using your Natal Birth Chart as the base, you will learn the ins and outs of Astrology whilst gaining a dramatically deeper understanding of yourself in the process!

People ALWAYS ask me 'How did you learn Astrology?' And I say; it's 50% a gift, but also 50% is finding great teachers, mentors and guides- to help you delve really deep into your learning and understanding.

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Teaching individuals how to read their birth chart (and the charts of others) is the biggest gift I can offer, as it liberates you into being your OWN healer and guide, and it puts your power in YOUR hands. 

Join me for a 4 week deep dive into the language of Astrology, and learn how to comprehend things such as: signs, planets, houses, aspects, transits, synastry & progressions.

For the training we will use your birth chart as the base for all study, I do this so you can feel what we are learning in your own life, and apply it directly.

Each 1x1 training can be specifically altered for you, based upon any prior knowledge and your intentions for learning Astrology. 

A Schedule for our time together will look like: 

Week 1: Exploring your Soul

To start our journey together, we will begin with a live1hr Birth Chart Reading for you, exploring your: souls purpose, gifts, past lives, wounds, lessons and resources.

Week 2: Understanding Energetic Archetypes and Astrological Symbolism in everyday life

Our second session together will focus on the birth charts 12 astrological signs & 12 houses.

By the end of the lesson you will have a deep understanding of each sign in the zodiac and how they show up energetically in the houses.

Week 3: Making friends with the planetary energies & Learning the significance of Astrological Karma/Past Lives in the Nodal System.

Our third session together will focus on the arrivals of Planets in the birth chart & their impact when falling in the signs/houses.

We will also explore the North/South Nodes, as past life indicators of where karma sits in the birth chart & what to do about it!

Week 4: Stories within Stories, The Birth Charts many Relationships.

Our fourth and last session we will explore the aspects & transits in the birth chart. We will study the difference between aspects within the birth chart and it's affects on your character. We also will cover transits outside of the birth chart and their outward, present & changing affects.  

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Each session is 75 minutes long and will be recorded and emailed to you afterwards.

I will also provide additional reading/listening material for you to support your journey and mini (optional) homeworks!

I'm so excited to guide you deeper into the language of Astrology, it's certainly changed my life, heightened my focus, and given me a lens to perceive events through. 

The price for this 4 week 1x1 training is £555, payment plans are available please message me here to arrange.

To sign up for this training please see below.

I'll email you within 24hrs to celebrate you and pop a date in the diary!

Lets do this!

Lucy xo