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Aquarius Season, it's giving tie dye & Shania Twain.

by Lucy Porter

Aquarius season. The season of dying your hair purple and donating

all of your money to Greenpeace. It’s a season of making everyone

you know niche underground jazz playlists then writing a futuristic

electronica play only to destroy it a week later because it was too

'obvious'. Yes you've got it... it’s time to unleash your QUIRKS!!!

The sign of Aquarius is fixed air, and symbolizes the

universal ‘we’ over the selfish ‘me.’ Aquarian energy

is progressive, futuristic, equalizing and inventive.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which is famously

symbolized by electricity, evolution, shocking change and

dismantling the status quo in favor of creating something new.

Wherever you have Aquarius or Uranus in your birth chart, is

where you’ve got real potential to shake society up,

smash through oppressive old systems, and birth the new.

Aquarius energy doesn’t give a fuck about a car, a mortgage,

a ‘proper’ job. Aquarius would rather ride a spaceship into

the future or better yet, invent the space ship right now-

in a co-working cafe drinking a cows milk latte

(because Oat Milk is obvious again!)

Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) has been sitting in Taurus

for the last few years, indicating a major shift in our habits

and routines. The sign of taurus rules comfort zones,

and slowly builds from a space of safety. As a planet,

Uranus doesn’t care for slow burning safety, it will choose

quick and dirty evolution every time. They don’t call it a

Uranus Slap for nothing.

The archetype of Aquarius is used to standing out, when

you’re the first one to do something; people are gonna notice.

This is a fantastic month to confront any fears around initiation,

invention, launching a progressive idea into the world, or standing

out against the grain.

A shadow side of Aquarius is the archetype of the ‘loner’

the individual who sees the world differently than

the crowds around it, and as a result feels isolated.

Patterns around feeling left out, not cool enough/ or special

enough to join the ‘crowd’ can surface now. Aquarius season is

an opportunity to deeply heal friendship patterns and align

with people who celebrate your enoughness.

Shake up anywhere that feels judgemental, hieracherchal or superficial.

Lilith, the asteroid of sexuality, individuality and shame

has just moved into Leo. Lilith has a gestation period of 9 months,

and symbolizes the cyclical, inner rebirth we continuously

undertake throughout life. Lilith in Leo as a transit takes up

space, is flamboyant, performative, sexual and playful.

It’s important to check in with yourself this month,

are you trying to prove yourself as worthy, to receive acceptance?

Or, can you feel that you just are.

This is a ripe time for embracing

your uniqueness and quirks. What parts of your nature do

you normally hide as you don’t know how others will react?

Do you keep your crystals away from your corporate friends?

Or are you miss independent in public but secretly wishing

people could hold you in your tenderness?

This is a month of accessing your range of personas and expressing

them! They all belong here, not just the basic ass socially acceptable


YES! you in tie dye panties singing Shania Twain wants to get posted

on IG! I’m sorry but it SO just does.

This month, gather with your people, melt into loving community,

togetherness & creativity. Remember, every single community on

earth started with 1 person who had an idea. What’s yours?


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