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Venus enters Cancer, June 2nd 2021

So, my sugars. Tomorrow evening our resident hot girl Venus shuffles her little cowgirl boots into the weepy, lovemaking and excellent cushion owning sign of Cancer. Phew.

Venus has been in the chatty, indirect, playful and curious sign of Gemini for a hot minute now. The month of May was excellent for loosening up the cobwebs n trying your luck for a few swipes right. Gemini season = why the hell not season. And we've seen a lot of it.

Venus entering Cancer waves temporarily goodbye to group dates which linger on the threshold of polyamory. And in we dive to tantric eye gazing and wearing each others blood in dainty pendants around the neck (cue Angelina Jolie's Venus in Cancer aesthetic, yummers.)

Astrologically Venus rules not only how we love, but how we want to be loved. I described Venus to a friend a few months back as 'the door we wish to be penetrated through.' Raunchy, I know. Where we find Venus, we find a desire to surrender and be met in softness. When Venus surrenders into Cancer, its mush meets mush. Nostalgic, romantic n all warm inside. All of a sudden the Bin Man reminds you of Channing Tatum and before you know it you're etching love haikus into your old pizza boxes; nose steaming at the window at 6am on a Tuesday morning, waiting to see if he notices.

Humor aside, it's a sweet time for meeting n greeting, getting deep more quickly than normal, making beautiful changes to your home, connecting with family. You know, Ace of Cups vibes.

For Witchy Bitches looking to call in a luva luva, this is a month of great opportunity. Focus your intent deeply on the luva you'd like to call in.

Or, if you'd like a Priestess' hand book in for a Love Ritual w/ me below.

All my love angels,

Lucy, Priestess in the City x o


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