an 8 week mentorship for individuals ready to radically self claim



i'm so glad you're here. 

to self claim is to fully honor all of yourself. it's saying yes to every little bit of you. it's kissing all of your parts! naughty!

do you feel like you offset your power to others? are you waiting for the perfect job or perfect lover to arrive in your life, so you feel like your 'enough'?

i've created this 8 week mentorship because i wish i'd had it 5 years ago! astrology brought me back to myself and helped me to share my gifts with the world, and my heart with my lovers. 

i want this for you, so much! 

your birth chart is your greatest self love tool. it's the thing that catapults you from ok-ness, to next level powerhouse!

do you find yourself?

- doubting your path?

- people pleasing?

- desiring love but meeting the wrong kind of people?

- not knowing where you belong?

- feeling disconnected from your power?

- unsure how to take up space in the world?

this 8 week Self Claimed Mentorship is for individuals who are ready to say YES to their path, purpose, pleasure & gifts. 

i'm here to help you harness what you've already got, and turn it into gold! whether thats starting a business, finding love, or moving a load of stuck energy that you're done with!

using your birth chart as our ally, we will explore unconscious beliefs, old soul patterns, and deep desires that want alchemising in you.

instead of waiting to be 'chosen', instead of waiting for life to find you, Self Claiming puts the power back into your hands.


generate your dreams, face your fears and meet yourself fully, all through the birth chart. 

this mentorship is for clients who have already had an Astrological Blueprint Consultation and want a Mentorship experience over 8 weeks. 

This Mentorship consists of 4 bi-weekly 1hr zoom sessions and 8 weekly check-ins over an 8 week period.

If you have any questions, please contact me


Lucy xo



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