with me

are you ready to step up and claim your birth chart?

your birth chart is quite literally your souls blueprint, it's like a window into your most authentic, magnetic & powerful self.

over the years it's easy to feel disconnected from your magical deliciousness; because we live in a world that doesn't (really) encourage it... yet!

in these longer, mentorship style sessions, you will be guided through each planet in your birth chart, to develop an embodied relationship with it. you'll learn how to self express and receive through it, and reclaim all that you are.

it's from this level of self love, and self certainty; just like magic, everything happens. 

i can't wait to sprinkle your cosmic juice all over you!





rise in love

relationship astrology is a literal gift from god. 

it's like a secret love language which is seriously underrated. 

to rise in love, is to take up space and be seen, accepted & revered by a lover.

have you seen your birth chart but you feel stuck in love? 

like, you know your placements, but you're love life is still the same?

your birth chart is here to be worked with babe, it's a list of ingredients not the full meal; which means yes, you gotta do the cooking! 

in these 3 week mini mentorships, i will give you insight onto the 3 core relationship principles of your birth chart, and help you get your love life back on it's feet.

you will explore 3 planets perspectives in your birth chart, giving each of them expression, time and exploration. so, they don't dominate in the subconscious (where things can get v sticky!)


i'm so excited to root you whilst you rise!


L xo    

what our 3 weeks
will look like:

-1 alchemising chiron

(releasing past wounding, societal bollocks, inner child narrative, the *not good enough* story)

- 2 opening venus

(learning your unique language for magnetism, trusting & surrendering, learning to receive and be seen )

- 3 claiming mars

(taking up space, going after what you want, sexual ignition, playful boldness, putting it all into action)

rise in love


mentorship will span over a 3 week period.

all sessions will last 1hr and take place live over zoom. 

to book please email me here.

what our 12 weeks
will look like:

-1 liberating your superstar, the sun

(shining, being the main character of your life, reclaiming your gifts, aligned power)

- 2 your inner nostalgic mystic, the moon 

(getting tender, exploring intuition, leaning out of the comfort zone, saying yes)

- 3 cracking your ted talk, mercury

(expression blocks, finding your truth, boundaries, expression, your unique flavour)

- 4 sugar baby of the universe, venus

(feeling receptive and worthy AF, activating your inner goddess, playing with magnetism)

- 5 claiming your divine masculine, mars

(doing it yourself, empowered action, generating desire, exploring presence & devotion)

- 6 unlocking unlimited potential, jupiter

(abundance mentality, healing scarcity, finding examples of enoughness, constant growth)

- 7 addressing your contractions, saturn

(meeting your no, instinctive reactions, loving & reassuring the uptight, scared unconcious.)

- 8 liberating your wild fortune, uranus

(trusting in your unique magic, finding your gamechanger energy, being the voice of a generation)

- 9 meet your higher self, neptune

(artistry, ritual, ceremony, devotion, hearing your wise old soul)

-  10 go where it hurts, pluto

(purging shame, releasing blocks, meeting the past, setting yourself free)

- 11 better the devil you know, south node

(confronting themes, patterns & habbits, reclaiming gifts and moving on)

- 12 where do we go from here? north node

(choosing dharma, moving toward your destiny, deciding it's time, taking the wheel)

just like magic

this 12 week mentorship is the deepest & most profound way to work with me, 

it's like... a proper re-birth!

i see your birth chart as a living, breathing thing that wants dialogue with you! it wants to seep into every cell of your being, and electrify your life!

during this 12 week mentorship, i will guide you through the 12 core principles of your birth chart, translating the secrets buried within. 

we will explore your relationship to:

trust, magic, sex, money, union, travel, purpose & legacy

as we dance through the blueprint of your soul.

this 12 week mentorship is recommended for you, if you're ready to invest in your becoming, to take up space, and really, truly reclaim your magic. 


 to apply for this mentorship,

please email me here to express your interest, on receiving you'll receive an application.

I'm excited to hold you in your becoming,

so much love

Lucy xo