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just like magic



mentorships to support you in reclaiming your

magic, liberation & power

why invest in a mentorship?

working with with a mentor is the most effective way of growing & learning

whether you are a newbie to the world of astrology & mysticism, or a practitioner and want to refine your craft to the next level, working in a mentorship form is profound. 

over the years i've worked with tons of mentorship students, and many have gone on to be professional tarot readers, astrologers & mystics, thriving in their own business'. 

the mentorship will be specifically tailored to you, based upon your current desires & goals right now.

there are two mentorship types available:

- coaching mentorship

- teaching mentorship


the vibe:

Mentorships durations is 3 months and £3,000

(payment plans available)

the Just like Magic Mentorship is personalized coaching & teaching based upon the wisdom of your birth chart. 

using the planets as archetypes to connect with,

all sessions will be tailored specifically around your birth chart and totally unique to you. 

week one of every mentorship will always be a astrological blueprint reading & opening call to explore your

desires & intention 

for our time together.

if you feel drawn to working together in this way, please

book a free 10 minute discovery call with me


L xo 


-1 liberating your superstar, the sun

(shining, being the main character of your life, reclaiming your gifts, aligned power)

- 3 cracking your ted talk, mercury

(expression blocks, finding your truth, boundaries, expression, your unique flavour)

- 2 your inner nostalgic mystic, the moon 

(getting tender, exploring intuition, leaning out of the comfort zone, saying yes)

- 4 sugar baby of the universe, venus

(feeling receptive and worthy AF, activating your inner goddess, playing with magnetism)

- 6 unlocking unlimited potential, jupiter

(abundance mentality, healing scarcity, finding examples of enoughness, constant growth)

-& meeting limitation, saturn

(contraction, maturity, sky daddy, domming your own life)

- 5 claiming your divine masculine, mars

(doing it yourself, empowered action, generating desire, exploring presence & devotion)

- 7 liberating your wild fortune, uranus

(trusting in your unique magic, finding your gamechanger energy, being the voice of a generation)

& meet your higher self, neptune

(artistry, ritual, ceremony, devotion, hearing your wise old soul)

-  8 go where it hurts, pluto

(purging shame, releasing blocks, meeting the past, setting yourself free)

- 9 better the devil you know, south node

(confronting themes, patterns & habbits, reclaiming gifts and moving on)

- 10 where do we go from here? north node

(choosing dharma, moving toward your destiny, deciding it's time, taking the wheel)

The Just like Magic Mentorship is a space to totally  jump headfirst into Astrology. 


This is where serious magic happens

Your birth chart is your greatest story

and it's your magic to tell. 

This is the most intimate and transformative way to work with me


So, whether you want to become a professional astrologer, or you're looking to expand your soul through

working deeply with your own birth chart,

this mentorship is



and really

hits the



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