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Hello my angels,

Looking for a bit of Soul TLC?

Booking in for a 1x1 Session with me will take you where you need to go. Whether you're after a Juicy Astrology Reading, A little Cosmic Love Advice, a Clarifying Tarot Sesh, or... you just need reminding how bangin you are- I'm here for it!  

Booking options are listed below. 

I can't wait to stir up some multi-dimensional magic with you!

All my love,

Lucy xo


P.s cant find what you're looking for but like my vibe? Perhaps you're hosting a fun AF event and want an Astrologer/Tarot Reader there... Message me, lets see what we can do!  



" Lucy has been akin to a guardian angel, she is a sensitive and beautiful soul. Receiving my reading helped tremendously with my growth and I often go back to listen to it. I can't recommend her enough. " 

Cynthia El Frenn 

Interior Architect 

" My reading with Lucy was hugely eye opening and fascinating! I had readings before but the information that came up was very intriguing. "

Alex Holbrook

Founder of Otherness

Love Astrology Session 1hr

Looking for love?

Keep meeting the same kinds of partners with no results?

Perhaps you're recently dating a new lover and want to know if you're compatible. Or, maybe you've been Married for 30 years and getting an itch that you've outgrown one another. If you're in a relationship, these readings will explore your compatibility and give you some tips and tricks to get the best from each other! 

If your single, these 1hr Love Readings we focus primarily on what your Birth Chart says about your Love Life, It will show you signs to avoid, and signs that make a great partner. A must have!

90 minute Astrology Session

These 90 minute online Astrology Sessions are recommended for people who either know a bit about their birth charts already, or who want to explore more abstract notions like: soul work, karma, past lives, progressions and ancestral programming. 

This Session explores your essence and focuses primarily on whats already happened to you, as opposed to what might happen. 

I recommend these sessions if your craving a fundamental reset and the tools to make big changes to your life.


Each session is guided for you using my unique Soul Programming Theory ©. We will look specifically at your Unconscious Beliefs and what is at the ROOT of them. The sessions involve some journeying and guided visualizations.

It's a proper Soul Sesh my love! I can't wait to guide you through it!

1hr Astrology Session

These 1hr Astrology Readings are perfect for Astrology beginners who want to deeply self connect and utilize the personal magic of their chart.

In these sessions we can either look at your Souls Blueprint (A Natal Chart, which explores your purpose and root) or What is coming up for you this year (A Solar Return Chart, which shows you how to make your desires happen!) 

These 1hr Astrology Readings are perfect for learning all about yourself, and your needs. Your birth chart is a fantastic tool to show you how to navigate challenges and rise up into your personal power. 

Once you've booked i'll email you to gather all your birth information and type of reading you're after!

I look forward to sharing this introduction with you xo