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the wheel

- 10 pounds a month - 

welcome to the wheel, a monthly community astrology membership.


this year long, affordable container meets once month, at the start of each astrological season to explore the archetype of the zodiac, think: a breakdown of each sign, virgo, libra, etc and the incoming astrological transits!


it's giving mystical sleepover energy with your girlfriends!

over the course of 12 months together, you will build your own Wheel; a cyclical monthly journal practice using the wisdom of your own unique birth chart, setting intentions for each month based upon the house of your chart being highlighted. Working in this way helps you to set goals, notice patterns, see how far you've come and work in accordance with your own natural gifts & cycles.

because astrology is to be lived, not just talked about.

Each call will end with  some hot-seat community coaching time; where you can ask me your burning astrological questions for the month ahead.

i've created this affordable space to connect with the beautiful community i've built over the past few years running my business,  i'm so excited to make a space to connect with you each month (and for you to connect with each other!) as we all roll through the wheel of the year; season by season.

community is the new currency after-all! and i'm so happy to have you here.

so much love,

Lucy xo

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the details

-1.5hr monthly community astrology call, hosted over zoom

- sessions recorded and emailed out for those who can't make the live

- sessions include : breakdown of the monthly themes, analysis on the archetype, journal prompts, intention setting, self reflection and space for hotseat coaching 

- cost 10 pounds per month, on a rolling year long subscription 

- times and dates for calls are subject to change 

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