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I'm Lucy.


& High Priestess living and working in the City.

I'm a Writer and Relationship Guide at the UK's hottest Wellness Hub, She's Lost Control.

I'm here to show you how to use the language of Astrology to take up space and to be the self confident, juicy & powerful being that you already are.

Sometimes we just need a little reminding ;)

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Do you know what I believe?

That life only really gets good, when you start to become conscious about who the hell you are.


Like, really are. Soul level style. 

My mind exploded the first time I understood my Astrological Chart, my Higher Self and Soul. I was like... 'there is this enormous secret world of magic and resources that I'm not using?! Why?!'

Now, it doesn't have to be all woo woo; Research shows that up to 95% of our thoughts and choice are unconscious. 95%! 

I like to think of Astrology like a treasure hunt through the unconscious. Exploring your unique essence is an immensely powerful (and liberating!) tool. 


I say, If it's useful, then why not?! 

Our ancestors practiced ritual, worked with divination and could commune with the stars. 

Where has all that gone?


My dream is that all major cities are full of people gathered outside coffee shops reading the tarot and asking their crushes birth time before going on a first date!

What a  v i b e !

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